The best vape e-juice

Once you become accustomed to dripping or vaping, it is certain you have tried a few varieties of e-juice flavors. Novice vapers choose the tobacco and menthol varieties and slowly moves towards sweet and fruity fusions. Likewise, options can be many and for those venturing out for new interesting and more complex flavors, some creative e-juice flavors can be recommended.

Several companies are working hard to provide top flavors to its customers. One that can be a recommended try is the Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny. It is widely known in the vaping community as a flavor with creamy custard and sweet strawberry exhale. Either exhale through the mouth or nose, it gives out the signature strawberry hint.

The next one that is worth a try is the Hawk Sauce distributed by Mt. Baker Vapor. It has unique flavors that include a fruity mix of berries and grapes, and a soft menthol dash. All these combination bring a refreshing flavor and thus is definitely one of the best vape e-juice worth giving a shot. For those fans of sweet and fruity flavors the Unicorn Blood by Fuzion Vapor is a must try. It has distinctively deep and blood-red colored with very strong strawberry and cherry undertones.

Gambit by Five Pawns is popularly known among vaping buffs as a premium, beautifully crafted e-juice. It is created using only the finest ingredients, and that is basically one of the reasons for its expensiveness. Though, it has become a favorite among many regular vapers. This list of the best vape juice would be incomplete without mentioning Halo’s Tiki Juice. It is a combination of spiced tobacco well complemented with sweet tropical top notes.

Yet, there are several other vape e-juices that truly deserve mention. It can all depend on individual preferences and choices of types of flavors.

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